It is the wish of our agency to give a positive and memorable experience to boys and families,
here are some of the testimonies of the girls who participated in the Au Pair program!

Au Pair For Kids | Holly

Being an au pair in the italian family was truly a wanderful experience.The family was exceptional, they were very pleasant, generous and friendly as well as the rest of their family. It wasn't hard to work with the children, to play and to teach theme English! - Holly

Au Pair For Kids | Bojana

I spent most amazing three months in Sicily, and from my point of view this is just great opportunity to gain experience, collect wonderful memories and make friends for life.

Au Pair For Kids | Natalija

I am very happy for this experience, I am sure it will always remain in my heart, it left me so much! Natalija

Au Pair For Kids | Gabriela

I was happy at home, I had a great contact with children, i learned how to do with them and this will help me with my children in the future. I learned a little Italian, in my free time, i visited the city and discovered the culture of the host country. - Gabriela

Au Pair For Kids | Elle

My two months in Sicily completely immersed me in Sicilian culture. Within days I felt part of the family I was working for, and privileged to have an impact on the lives of the kids. - Elle

Au pair for Kids I Daniela

L'esperienza au pair è una esperienza straordinariamente potente, bella, dal punto di vista emotivo, formativo, ti offre tantissimi input per crescere, la raccomando tantissimo!