Au Pair

Process for Au Pair from abroad

After the free registration on our website and after you filled in all the forms, you will be contacted by our agency for one or more interviews. Afterwards the agency will shortlist a host family on the basis of your requests.


The working conditions and the working hours may vary according to the host family's needs and depending on what it has been agreed. In Italy there are no official rules about how much the host family should correspond in terms of pocket money. We usually recommend you to pay the au pair a sum between 250,00 and 300,00 Euro per month (for a 30-hour work week). Your au pair is entitled to pocket money. This equally applies, should your au pair fall ill or have some time off.

Beside the monthly/weekly pocket money, the au pair is also entitled to free board and lodging provided by the Host family. This equally applies, should your au pair fall ill or have some time off.

In Italy it is  very flexible. You can agree with your host family on the number of  hours you are expected to work per week. However, keep in mind that in Italy an au pair is not allowed to work more than 5 hours a day  (included the  time spent babysitting in the evening hours) for a maximum of 6 days per week."ysitting serale incluse) distribuite su un massimo di 6 giorni alla settimana.

Holidays and Time off

In Italy au pairs are entitled to 1/2 free days per week. At least once a month the free day should fall on a Sunday. On public holidays au pairs usually have a day off. Only in exceptional cases au pairs should work on public holidays. If the au pair is required to work in such a day, the host family shall discuss this with the au pair beforehand. Every 6 months au pairs are entitled to a paid holiday of 2 weeks. When staying with their host families for a total of 12 months, au pairs should be accorded a paid holiday of four weeks.

Au pairs accompanying their host families on holiday to take care of their children are entitled to their full amount of pocket money. If the au pair wishes to take some time off during the host faimily's holiday, those free days will be deducted from the amount of his/her paid holidays. All travel expenses will be covered by the host family.

Language course

During their free time, au pairs might want to attend an Italian language course. The host family will recommend their au pair a suitable language course. The expenses related to the course will be covered by the au pair. Should au pairs come from a non-EU country and should they apply for a study Visa related to this course, they must check beforehand that the selected school is part of the VIsa scheme. If this is the case, au pairs must attend a course of at least 20 hours/week .

Travel expenses

In general au pairs pay for all their travel expenses. However, the host family can decide to cover some expenses to a certain or to a full extent.

Driving and driving license

As an au pair, you should enquire early enough if your driving licence is also valid in your host country or if you can get an international driving permit. We also recommend you to make some practice before driving abroad. The driving style can actually vary from country to country.


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